NSE Ltd is one of  the first companies, internationally, that provided an effective solution to the high fuel consumption problem of companies with installations supplied by diesel generators. The FRS (Fuel Reduction System) is an innovative product developed to meet strict technical requirements of real and active Mobile Telephony Base Stations. It delivers a 50% to 75% fuel consumption reduction.

In an era where the issue of energy coverage has become a major problem, especially for large companies with facilities outside the grid so that the soaring oil prices, and because of international pressure to reduce emissions, the NSE Ltd a pioneer in developing high-technology systems provides integrated solutions to these problems.


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NSE Participation to the 6th European conference on PV-Hybrids and Mini-Gridsmore...
Novel fuel reduction system for mobile telephonymore...
Fuel Reduction System
The FRS (Fuel Reduction System) is a pioneering product designed and developed to meet the specific, strict requirements of off-grid, Mobile Telephony Base Stations. more...
Place n' Plug® H-FRS
The 4th Generation
Autonomous Hybrid System for the Generation and Management of Electric Energy and Fuel Reduction more...
Place n' Plug® Hybrid
Instant installation and operation
Self contained, fully featured, all wheather, almost maintenance free renewable energy source system, for unattendent operation in harsh tropical environments. more...
EconSys Basic
The solution for off-grid houses
The EconSys Basic is the ideal solution for the case of off-grid houses, or even small off-grid business installations. more...
EconSys Pro
For off-grid business installations
For the case of off-grid businesses (taverns, beach bars, cattle farms, renting rooms, etc). 75% Fuel consumtion reduction. more...
Hybrid Systems
Compose it step-by-step
With our guidance, choose the appropriate EconSys for your case, add renewable energy resources, and free yourself once and for all from fuel consumtion. more...
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